I've accidentally run my scoop, a Zeroll with conductive fluid inside the handle, through the dishwasher. I don't know this for a fact because I didn't cut mine open to check, but I believe what happened to mine (and what's happened to yours) is that the fluid is meant to work at normal body temperature and when it gets too hot, like in a dishwasher, it solidifies. view my other auctions below: visit my entire auction showcase Vintage Ice Cream Scoop Lot ZEROLL, SCOOP RITE Offered is a Vintage Ice Cream Scoop Lot ZEROLL, SCOOP RITE.This is a nice lot of vintage ice cream scoops. 3 are marked, the one with the green handle is marked Modern. The one with the bumps on the handle is marked Scoop Rite. Zeroll 2016 Details. Get a handle on your portion control with the Zeroll 2016 blue #16 Universal EZ disher. Ideal for bakeries, cafes, and diners, this durable stainless steel disher with plastic handle is a perfect baking tool for portioning out cookies and muffins so they come out of the oven uniform and evenly cooked.
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