Beyond Birthday (ビヨンド・バースデイ, Biyondo Bāsudei) is a character from the novel Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. He is a former successor for L from Wammy's House and the serial killer behind the Los Angeles BB Murder Case. Beyond Birthday does not appear in the manga or any adaptation, although the Los Angeles BB Murder Case is briefly mentioned in ... Izuru Kira (吉良 イヅル, Kira Izuru) is the lieutenant of the 3rd Division in the Gotei 13, formerly under Captain Gin Ichimaru and currently under Captain Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi. Izuru has blue eyes; and, shoulder-length, blond hair that is combed into three points, with two in the back of his head, and a third combed to cover his left eye. He also wears the standard Shinigami robes, and ... Kira is now wearing an aqua ruffled camisole, a white tiered satin skirt, long white socks and aqua mary janes shoe. Her blonde hair had now reached past her shoulders but still tied them into pigtails and wore an aqua felt hat with a white hat ribbon accessory. She also has a white messenger bag over her shoulder. Her Pokemon on hand for now:
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