When I first called the PDX Reading Specialist offices, I was so scared. But everyone took the time to answer my questions, listen to my story and help me find help for my daughter. If you are looking for a Virtual Signing, please visit our new site at WWW.GCREADINGVS.COM PLEASE READ THIS SECTION BEFORE ORDERING FROM OUR VIRTUAL SIGNINGS - If you order from multiple signings at once, your books will be shipped when the last signing ends. Celeste Angel Medium, also referred to as the « Princess of Light », knows the Prophecy of Angels. With this exceptional spark of light that connects to your Guardian Angel, she predicts what awaits you in your personal and professional life with a Free Angel Reading

The Philadelphia and Reading Railroad (P&R) was one of the first railroads in the United States. Along with the Little Schuylkill, a horse-drawn railroad in the Schuylkill River Valley, it formed the earliest components of what became the Reading Company.