the plaque assay of JEV (Nakayama NIH strain) on BHK-21. The plaque assay was carried out in 6-well TC plates. The first parameter to standardize was the number of BHK-21 cells to be used per well of the 6-well TC plate. A cell concentration of 3-4 x 105/ml produced a complete monolayer after overnight incubation when 2ml of By serially diluting a virus suspension into an assay tray (a series of wells of uniform volume) and adding a standard amount of blood cells, an estimation of the number of virus particles can be made. While less accurate than a plaque assay, it is cheaper and quicker (taking just 30 minutes). Plaque Reduction Neutralization Test. Plaque-reduction neutralization tests can be performed to confirm recent infection by demonstrating a ≥fourfold change in WNV-specific neutralizing antibody titers between acute- and convalescent-phase serum samples and to rule-out primary infection with a closely related flavivirus.
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